Nikita Thakrar

Nikita Thakrar

Nikita Thakrar

Nikita Thakrar is an Indian Kathak dance teacher a passion to inspire others through her own learning and experiences.

From an early age, Nikita’s curious nature led her to question the world around her and gain an insightful understanding into human nature and philosophy. After finishing college aged 18, Nikita began her quest, following a passion for Indian dance and a ‘calling’ which took her to India. Nikita spent a gruelling few years tirelessly working to save up for her frequent, self-funded trips to India where she spent a decade training in dance alongside exploring and discovering herself.

Nikita went on to qualify as a teacher of Kathak dance in the UK, completing the ISTD training qualifications upto Advanced level. She is currently working towards her Diploma in Dance Education (DDE) with ISTD.

In 2005, Nikita took the initiative of starting the “Dancing Nikita Company”, a dance company for Kathak dance. She formed a professional dance troupe and performed at corporate events and she even produced her own show titled ‘Reflections of India’ which toured theatres in the UK.

In 2008, aged 23 Nikita was recognised as one of the UK’s youngest entrepreneurial women by AWA [Asian Woman of Achievement award].

In 2009, Nikita qualified as a Hatha Yoga instructor under the institution of Swami Sivananda, the “World’s leading Yoga master of the 20th century”.

In 2011, Nikita launched her purpose-built dance studio, to act as a base for her company’s dance training programmes, to educate and empower the next generation through Kathak dance. DNC Studio in Slough is to date, one of very few centres in the UK dedicated to Indian classical dance.

In 2012, Nikita became a ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ Master practitioner.In 2021, during the Pandemic Nikita launched a free positive thinking podcast to inspire young people struggling to cope with uncertainty. She launched a Personal Development programme titled ‘Journey with Nikita’ where she offers workshops in stress management and anxiety. She is an inspirational mentor to young mentor, regularly going into schools to run dance workshops for mindfulness and giving talks about physical and mental health.

Her dance school, DNC currently trains more than 100 students per week of all ages. During the Pandemic she offered online classes to avoid her students having to stop their training. Aside from the weekly classes, her students benefit from instructional videos and Podcasts to motivate them.

Nikita’s success and achievements have developed her into an influential and inspirational role model for young people in the UK.


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Instagram: @dancingnikita

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Nikita Thakrar

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Nikita Thakrar
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