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Laura Morrice

Laura Morrice’s journey with energy healing began over 20 years ago. After hitting rock bottom not once but twice, it was energy healing that Laura credits with giving her the right tools and techniques to re-align with her true state of being and to take my power back fully. Now Laura enjoys a life of purpose, that’s full of abundance and joy, and best of all, she gets to be of service to others and help them re-connect with their purpose for a life of empowerment.

Meditation has been fundamental, not only in Laura’s healing but also in that of her clients. It is a tool that will continue to serve you for the rest of your life. Laura takes great pleasure in creating and sharing her mediations with people all over the world. It is her greatest wish that everyone step into their full power in this life, and to invest fully in the greatest relationship they’ll ever have. The one with self!

Laura will be on stand 136a

Website: lauramorrice.com

Facebook: @lauramorriceenergyhealer

Laura Morrice
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Laura Morrice

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Laura Morrice

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