Julia Keller

Julia Keller

Dipt Naturopathy, Dipt Nutritional Therapy, Dipt Clinical Hypnotherapy

Menopause Transition Adviser and Youth Enhancing Specialist

Julia Keller has been working in the Wellness field since 2015, having first qualified as a Transformational and Wellness Coach and NLP Practitioner. She qualified a year later as a Stress Management Specialist and then a Clinical Hypnotherapist. While working to help clients with sleep, stress and weight issues, she began to notice that often problems with mental health manifested in physical health and soon embarked on a study of Nutrition and Naturopathy at CNM in London. Julia focused most of her clinical work and studies on skin and ageing-related disorders and soon became fascinated with how to help clients to maintain youthfulness and vitality as they age. So that their biological age was much younger than their chronological age. She decided to embark on a MSc in Personalised Nutrition at CNELM (affiliated with Middlesex University) to research the effects of gut health and inflammation on the ageing process and ageing-related disorders, among other research.

Julia believes strongly in the power of the Mind-Body-Gut connection and that all need to be in harmony with each other and their surroundings in order for the body and mind to function optimally. She is a great proponent of antiaging from the inside out and believes that many ageing-related disorders can be prevented through optimal lifestyle, nutrition, stress management and adequate sleep. With this in mind, Julia runs a clinic on Wednesdays helping clients with sleep, stress, skin, menopause transition and other issues at Anatome and is the brand wellness specialist working across the brand’s various locations. She also works alongside other clinics, including her own personal clinic on zoom, to help clients maintain health, vitality and youthfulness as they age (no matter what their age). Her great passion is advising women on how they can go through the natural transition feeling and looking great.

Julia is a truly compassionate and caring practitioner aiming to help her clients towards optimising their physical, mental and skin health. Julia is one of the co-founders of Youthfuller, a youth enhancing anti-aging centre, that helps women (and men) achieve greater youth, vitality and health both from the inside out and the outside in (opening to the public March 2023).

Julia will be on stand 43

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