Hayuta Epstein

Hayuta Epstein

Hayuta Epstein is a spiritual teacher, a channeler and a writer who has been practicing for over 25 years.
She has written 10 books dealing with Body-Mind-Soul, among them the best seller “Understanding Pain is Your Guide to Healing”.

Hayuta has also developed 3 sets of empowerments cards, one of them is “My Internal Empowerment Card” and the workshop of “The Book of Life – Connecting to the new era” whose purpose is to create balance between Body-Mind-Soul.

Hayuta will be on stand 72

Website: hayutaep.com

Facebook: @hayutaepstein.books.cards.newage.spiritual.course

Instagram: @hayuta_epstein

Hayuta Epstein

From Loss to Growth – Changing Your Life’s Reality with Hayuta Epstein