Hannah Macintyre

Hannah Macintyre

Hannah Macintyre

Hannah Macintyre is an international evidential medium, spiritual teacher, creator of the Spirit Led Reiki system and host of the top ten podcast Mediumship Matters.

Hannah demonstrates mediumship to wowed audiences in the UK and further afield, and has a unique, modern, and positive approach to proving life after physical death and communicating with our helpers in the spirit world.

Hannah believes that the ability to communicate with spirit is available to everyone, not the chosen few, and this power can be strengthened with practice and understanding of how it works.

Hannah has read for thousands of clients, demonstrated to sold out venues, was shortlisted for Best Medium in the Soul Awards and the Mediumship Matters podcast has had over 200,000 downloads with listeners all around the world.

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Website: hannahmedium.co.uk

Facebook: @mediumhannah

Instagram: @hannahmedium

Podcast: Mediumship Matters

Spotify: Mediumship Matters

Hannah Macintyre
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Hannah Macintyre

Evidential Mediumship Demonstration with Hannah Macintyre