Einat Mizrahi

Einat Mizrahi

Einat Mizrahi

Einat Mizrahi has been involved in promoting the personal development and well-being of people for more than 25 years. She sees herself as a guide of the heart and leads people to live their lives with love, joy and self-realization.

She is grateful to wake up every morning to a sense of connection and purpose.

Einat offers counseling, psychotherapy, training and healing, and specializes in gender and multicultural work. She works with the private and organizational sectors.

Einat holds a BA and an MA in Social Work. She is a qualified mediator, a senior MCIL trainer and a qualified supervisor, and an expert in facilitating personal and group processes.

On the “spiritual level training” – she’s a spiritual healer, numerologist and tarot reader.

Since 2006 she has been managing the “Ha’atzama (Empowerment) Center” for personal and organizational development, in which she trained hundreds of coaches and professionals from the field of care, education and counseling, in Israel and abroad.

She develops and creates tools for personal and organizational development work, and has so far developed 2 card sets in Hebrew and English – “Gifts of Life” and “Gifts of Wisdom”.

Einat lives in Israel with her life partner, her four charming children and a white cat.  Connecting to the beauty of nature and the bliss of life.

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Website: einatmizrahi.com

YouTube: Einat Mizrahi

Facebook: @Einat-Mizrahi-Creating-Well-Being


Einat Mizrahi
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