Antonia Harman

Antonia Harman

Antonia Harman is a multi-award-winning celebrity healer, energy expert and author. She is the founder of the renowned energy school Divine Empowerment and has been featured in over 100 press features, including Marie-Claire & Glamour. Antonia is the leading energy expert in the UK and has developed her cutting-edge healing and energy techniques through 20 years of dedicated trance work. Her healing often allows dis-ease to literally fall out of people, fast. Antonia is leading the way in the energy arena and has helped thousands of people live the life they want, the life they deserve, and where their energy is thriving. Antonia is best known for dissolving emotional traumas.

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Facebook: /divineempowerment

Twitter: @antoniaharman

YouTube: Antonia Harman

Instagram: @antonia_harman

Antonia Harman

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Antonia Harman

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